SAN ANTONIO – Residents in the Crownwood subdivision are on high alert after they had their mail stolen.

Aric Malsbury said he and his grandmother had their W-2 forms stolen this week from their mailbox.

“I do feel vulnerable and concerned that somebody could use my name and my Social Security,” Malsbury said.

Malsbury now has to visit the closest post office to retrieve his mail. He said he feels inconvenienced.

“Now, I have to drive to go get my mail instead of just getting it from my mailbox,” Malsbury said.

Malsbury isn’t the first resident in the subdivision to have experienced mail theft. The break-ins have happened at different cluster mailboxes around the area for the last two weeks.

Neighbors said it’s a problem that’s been going on for years, and it usually happens during tax season.

One concerned resident who did not want to be identified said the mailboxes are easy to pry open because they are more than 30 years old.

“We’re getting assaulted by petty thieves and criminals who think it’s easy prey for them to take our mail,” he said.

The unnamed resident said he believes the post office should install new cluster mailboxes around the neighborhood to provide better security for mail.

“These modern boxes are much easier to secure, much safer for our people’s mail,” he said.

Neighbors said nothing has been done about their current problem, and the cluster mailboxes are still damaged.

“It’s unfortunate, but it’s the times we live in. We need to stop it,” the resident said.