Hungry voters in line grateful for 12-year-old’s generosity

SAN ANTONIO – Even at age 12, Sierra-Rayne Guy is doing what she can on behalf of democracy.

She and her father, Jerrell Guy, have begun making the rounds at early voting sites and giving away prepackaged juice and snacks.

“I don’t want them to be hungry,” she said. “I can’t vote. So I’m going to try and do the best I can for my community.”

Guy said his daughter, a straight A student at Danville Middle School in New Braunfels, has the ability to understand how others are feeling.

He said Sierra has been following news coverage about early voting ahead of the November general election.

Guy said she became discouraged by stories of voters having to leave because the lines were so long.

“She decided if she could not vote, perhaps she could make it easier for those that could,” he said.

Guy said she asked if they use the family’s “Batmobile,” a combination vehicle and motorcycle, with one wheel in the rear, to bring snacks to people, “particularly the elderly.”

“I said ‘yes, of course,’ with pride in my voice and we began planning,” he said.

Sierra even created a sign to take with them, “Hunger Suppression Beats Voter Suppression.”

“If they aren’t hungry, then maybe they’re less apt to want to get out of line,” he said.

Starting at the back of the line outside the Julia Yates Semmes Library in northeast San Antonio, Sierra began offering snacks and refreshments.

“I think that was very thoughtful,” said voter Donetta Adams. “I was just getting hungry, actually.”

“Whenever you do something like that from the soul, it’s a blessing,” said voter Georgeann Owens. “That was very nice. Very nice indeed. We need more people like that.”

Sierra and her father said they plan to continue their “hunger suppression” efforts through Nov. 3, if their funds last that long.

“Wow, I’ve never been so happy that someone has been so appreciative of me,” Sierra said.

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