Family remembers man shot, killed while driving Gulf Freeway

HOUSTON – The family of Zeferino Baeza is seeking justice and searching for answers for his death.

“We’ve been going through this process of pain for the last three days since we heard the news about my son,” said, Baeza’s dad, Zeferino Baeza Jr.

Baeza’s mom Marilyn Fowler said the 30-year old was shot and killed Friday while driving along the Gulf Freeway in his Dodge pickup.

“He got shot in the back of the head. He drove his truck trying to get help, and he drove off the freeway onto the feeder and hit a dealership,” said Fowler.

Baeza’s killer remains on the run, and the Houston Police Department has yet to release a motive for the shooting.

His family is now asking anyone who might have information to come forward and report it.

“The person out there that shot my son will deal with (the) consequences,” Baeza Jr. said. “If anybody’s out there that has any kind of information, as a father or mother that has children and stuff please come forward.”

The family is also struggling to pay for funeral arrangements.

Loved ones have set up a GoFundMe to help during this difficult time if you would like to help.