Shootout on Nacogdoches follows dispute at North Side car wash, SAPD says

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are investigating a shooting on the city’s North Side that has left at least two people injured.

The shooting happened just before 1 p.m. near Nacogdoches Road and El Sendero Street but police said the altercation started at a nearby car wash.

Two vehicles left the car wash and the occupants in them started shooting at each other. One of the cars crashed and the other left the scene.

Two of the people in the crashed vehicle were shot and are at a hospital in stable condition. A third person in the car was detained for questioning. Police are still looking for the people in the other vehicle.

Several other vehicles were involved in the crash. There is no information about whether anyone else was injured.

Investigators said the people involved in the shooting knew each other and this was not a random crime.

An SAPD spokesperson said there are road closures in the area as a result that could last for several hours.

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